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Ouija Board(OJO BOARD) - The History of the Ouija Board

What is a Ouija board? Ouija boards came into existence as a parlor game in the mid-1800's, when spiritism and channeling were at the height of fashion. The word "Ouija" is a blend of the French and German words for "yes." Adolphus Theodore Wagner first patented Ouija boards, sometimes referred to as "talking boards," in London, England on January 23, 1854. In the patent, Wagner called his invention a "psychograph" and its purpose was to read the minds of people with "nervous energy." By 1861, Frenchman, Allan Kardac, was describing the Ouija board as instruments with which to open communications with the spirit world. In seven short years, the Ouija board had evolved from a mind-reader to portal of communication with the dead.

Modern Ouija boards were developed by inventor William Fuld. Fuld sold his patent to Parker Brothers in 1966. Ouija boards, as we recognize them today, look nothing like the original prototypes. The 20-25 million Ouija boards sold by Parker Brothers consist of a rectangular game board that is covered with a woodcut-style alphabet, the words yes, no, and good-bye, and the numbers 0-9. Also included with the "game" is a heart-shaped plastic planchette.
The planchette is the 'pointer' that is supposed to glide over the board under the direction of supernatural forces and form comments and questions by pointing out questions and comments. Parker Brothers has marketed Ouija Boards under the tagline


A Ouija board can be an interesting experience. Some believe it is a doorway to another world and warn against its use, but most people see it as a harmless diversion, especially if it's not taken too seriously. Here are some guidelines.
Difficulty: Easy
Time Required: 15 minutes to 1 hour

Here's How:

  1. It takes two to Ouija. Usually one person is not able to work the Ouija. Get a friend to use it with you. A male and female is usually recommended.
  2. Timing. Most practitioners suggest using the board at night when, they say, less interference is in the atmosphere.
  3. Create some atmosphere. The Ouija is more fun if you darken the room and light some candles. Turn off the TV and any music to minimize distractions.
  4. Have a seat. The two users should sit facing each other, with knees touching if possible, with the board on their laps. Don't use a table.
  5. Decide on a questioner or medium. Even though both people can ask questions -- or anyone else in the room can -- only one of the users should be the medium (the one to formally ask questions of the board).
  6. Place your fingers on the planchette. You and your partner should place the fingers of both hands very lightly on the planchette, or pointer.
  7. Move it. Purposely move the planchette around in a circle on the board for a moment or two to get it 'warmed up.'
  8. Attitude. Don't let the board control the session. The medium should begin by announcing that the session will only allow an experience that is positive or toward a higher good and that negative energies are not welcome.
  9. Let your fingers do the talking by lightly placing your fingertips on the planchette. Do not force the movement of the planchette, if it isn't responding to a light touch no one is there, give it time, or there is not enough psychic energy being generated try to focus on a single question or meditate on the spirit you are attempting to contact. Try to clear your mind and relax. Ask in general if there are any spirits present, ask them to respond, and relax and wait, patience is the key
  10. Begin simply. Start with a simple question, one that requires a yes or no answer.
  11. Be patient. You might not begin to get answers right away. Give the board a chance to 'warm up.'
  12. Be polite. When the board starts working, thank the board or entities for showing up and communicating with you.
  13. Don't ask stupid questions. Avoid questions such as, 'When am I going to die?' If the board answers, 'in 6 months,' you might just worry about it needlessly.
  14. Don't ask for physical signs. Many experienced users warn against asking for physical signs that the 'spirit' is real or present.
  15. Don't believe everything the board tells you. Just as with any other source of information, don't accept whatever the board says to be the truth or accurate.
  16. Close the board. This is an important step. When you're done with your session, slide the planchette to 'GOODBYE' and remove your hands.


    • Have someone write down the answers. Sometimes the letters spell out very quickly and it's difficult to keep track of what's being said. A third person with paper and pen can write down the message as it comes.
    • Play sober. You'll get better results if you haven't been drinking or smoking.
    • Maintain control. If the board starts giving rude, vulgar, obscene or otherwise disagreeable responses, break off the session immediately by closing the board

    • Have an open mind. If you believe the board isn't going to work, it probably won't.

    • Be serious, but not too serious. You don't want to giggle and laugh hysterically, but it is OK to have fun with it. Some people even think laughter attracts spirits/ghosts.

    • Limit the number of people playing. Try not to have more than 4-5 people touching the planchette at once. If you have more than 4-5 people who want to try it, just take turns.

    • We usually light a candle or have a small flashlight on. This is mainly so we can see what the board is spelling out, but it also adds an eerie effect and helps put you in the ouija mood!

    • Don't try to contact anyone specifically. A good question to ask is "Is there anyone in the room with us now?". You shouldn't fully believe that the spirit you're talking with is really who they say they are.

    • Don't fully believe/act upon anything the board spells out. In my opinion, this is the only dangerous part of using an ouija board. Think about it - this is a board game...why in the world would you take anything it spells out as 100% true?! Just have fun with it, don't look at it as some super powerful tool.

    • Gwen Vetter, a website visitor, told me that burning a sage scented candle while using the board will keep away evil spirits. Sage is believed to have a cleansing property, so this makes sense. Thanks so much for sharing this tip, Gwen!

    • Some people claim that saying a protective prayer/spell is a good way to get results. Here are some prayers my friend Michelle found in a book that are supposed to help with the ouija board:

      Invocation for Creating a Sacred Space (say before using the board):

      Dear Spirit,
      As I light these candles, bless this sacred place.
      Let the light of their flames radiate love and protection to all four corners of this room.
      I ask at this time that any negative energies be released from this space.
      With a bath of white light, I ask that it be cleansed and neutralized.
      Turn my dwelling into a sanctuary.
      May it be the foundation for your teachings and the inspiration for my higher perceptions.

      Invocation for Protection (another one to say before using the board):

      Dear Spirit,
      As I sit with you now, I open my heart.
      I surround myself with the love and light of your protection.
      I release any negativity that I have picked up throughout the day so that I speak to the universe with the purity of my soul.
      I ask that any energy (information, healing) be given for my absolute good.
      Dismiss now all energies that are not of the Highest and Greatest source.
      As I bathe in your grace, I will listen to your resounding voice within me.
      I will be true to my hear and your gentle guidance.
      (you can follow this with a moment of appreciation for the universe...)

      Invocation for Closing Your Connection and Your Sacred Space (say this one after you've finished using the board):

      Dear Spirit,
      Thank you for sharing this sacred time with me.
      I appreciate the flow of energy I have just experienced.
      I will use it for my highest good.
      As I blow out these candles, I close this sacred space, and ask that your protection surround me wherever I go today.